Friday, July 01, 2005

Leave 'em laughing: The funniest family in Olam HaBlog

. . . and my nominee for the Jewish and Israeli Blog (JIB) Award in the category of "funniest new blog of 2005" is . . .

(". . . The envelope please.")


Joining her husband,, in banishing boredom from blogville. (See the name of his blog? Hey, I didn't say his humor was always in good taste. :) )

Picture three boys standing around a kosher pizzeria, one of them holding Youngest Sister. Holder smiles affectionately at holdee and says, "You're crazy." (Like father, like son. :) ) Youngest Sister, apparently accustomed to this type of "abuse," smiles back.

Check out the latest contribution to the fun and games, the Wednesday, June 29, 2005 post, "please explain! please explain!" (, a description of the joys of walking home from the park with Youngest Daughter, written by Oldest Daughter. I'm still grinning. :) And I hope she gets that melted popsicle out of her hair, eventually. :)


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